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Certyfikat z języka polskiego jako obcego
Why are you learning Polish?

I am studying at AMU

I am of Polish origin

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I want to take an exam

I am interested in Poland

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About us

Founded in 1985, the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students is part of the Adam Mickiewicz University Institute of Polish Language. Thus, we have had more than twenty years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

We offer our students a variety of courses: two hour-, four hour-, six hour-, ten hour-, semestrial and one year-long, being taught at six major levels of language proficiency. We also organize a one-year, intensive, preparatory course for foreigners who wish to study in Poland. The programmatic offering is tailored to meet all needs of our students. Classes are held in the historic Collegium Maius located in downtown, next to the Stanislaw Moniuszko Grand Theatre and Culture Center “Zamek”. It is worth mentioning that Collegium Maius is very conveniently located. One can reach it by all means of city transportation.

Most of our lecturers are full time faculty at the Adam Mickiewicz University Institute of the Polish Language and have extensive experience teaching Polish as a foreign language. They are well prepared pedagogically to work with ethnically and culturally diverse student groups. All of our lecturers have a strong command of at least one foreign language: English, German, French or Russian.

Poznań is the capital of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland), one of the most economically, culturally and touristically interesting regions of Poland. The stay in Poznań, a big, academic city with a vibrant artistic life, a number of cultural events, clubs, restaurants, pubs, art galleries, exhibits, and monuments makes a great intellectual experience possible.


Our goal is that the courses offered conducted by the School not only promote the Polish language and culture, but also become the place of encounters, exchange of experiences, views and opinions, establishing contacts and making friends among students. Every semester, almost 400 people from more than 60 countries take part in a range of courses run by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students.