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Certyfikat z języka polskiego jako obcego
Why are you learning Polish?

I am studying at AMU

I am of Polish origin

For professional reasons

For personal reasons

I want to take an exam

I am interested in Poland

The other reason

Cultural offer

Polish Theatre Society

For everyone who learns a foreign language, participation in a theatre performance may not only be a fascinating adventure, but also an interesting, inspiring and unique way of learning.

You may interpret outstanding dramas, write and translate into Polish your own texts, you may be a director or an actor.

Meeting people of different nationalities and cultures is an inspiration and a challenge, we get to know other people, but we may also learn about ourselves and our capacities.

For the final performance we invite guests, our friends and teachers, and the show is recorded to performers' joy and satisfaction. All the participants receive a cd with the recording.

Theatre is comprehension and imitation, but also a technique and way of learning as the world of literary fiction enables us to understand reality better and language as well.

"I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand".

Thus, do a performance! We invite you to "the theatre of Polish language"!