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Programmatic offer

General Information

Didactic programs offered by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students are aligned with the system of the levels of advancement accepted by Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (


This system was formulated with regard to the rules of description of the levels of language proficiency contained in the Council of Europe programmatic document “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” and distinguishes six levels of teaching Polish as a foreign language.


1.Introductory level (A 1)

2.Elementary level (A 2)

3.Basic level (B 1)

4.General intermediate level (B 2)

5.Effective language proficiency level (C 1)

6.Advanced level (C 2)


All students receive the syllabi containing information about: course level, the number of ECTS points, curriculum, recommended textbooks and dictionaries, assessment and all other requirements.


Entry Requirements
A person may be admitted to the course of Polish language after meeting the following requirements:
a) he/she holds a valid visa or residence card or any other document confirming his/her right to stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland
b) he/she enjoys good health confirmed by a doctor’s certificate, stating that a person might pursue the course of his/her choice

c) he/she has insurance policy covering its holder in case of any illness or accident during the period of study in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card or a certificate confirming that the student has become member of the Polish Health Fund immediately after commencement of study. 


Selection to the Group

In order to determine the level of Polish language proficiency all participants take the placement test at the very beginning of the course. As a result they are placed in appropriate groups based on the language proficiency level. Classes are held for groups no larger than fifteen students.

Teaching Methods


Teaching is based on a communicative approach to language learning. Given that Polish is a flexive language it’s impossible to communicate in it without a good command of grammar.


Course Duration


Courses are held on semestrial and annual basis. Each semester comprises of 15 weeks. One academic hour equals 45 minutes.




After the completion of the course every participant receives a certificate containing information about the type of the course taken, its duration, ECTS points and a descriptive result (very good, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory)


Certification Exams


The School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students collaborates with the State Commission for the Certification of Polish as a Foreign Language at the Ministry of National Education on conducting certification exams of Polish as a foreign language at three levels (B1, B2, C2).  

ECTS Credit Points


Every participant receives ECTS points after the completion of the course. 15 academic hours equal 1 credit point.




Payment for courses should be made to the account of the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students, Adam Mickiewicz University


Account name: Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

Account number: PL 77 1090 1362 0000 0000 3601 7903   

Bank: Bank Zachodni WBK SA VI O/Poznań

Bank Address: plac Wolności 15, 60-967 Poznań

Title of payment: kurs języka polskiego (imię i nazwisko studenta)



Please present the proof of payment to the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students, Adam Mickiewicz University.



According to Polish regulations, foreign students with documented Polish descent are entitled to 30% discount for courses offered by AMU School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students.