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Certyfikat z języka polskiego jako obcego
Why are you learning Polish?

I am studying at AMU

I am of Polish origin

For professional reasons

For personal reasons

I want to take an exam

I am interested in Poland

The other reason

Programmatic offer

Health Insurance


Every person participating in a course of Polish language organized by AMU School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreign Students is under an obligation to purchase insurance policy covering its holder in case of any illness or accident during the period of study in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card or a certificate confirming that the student has become member of the Polish Health Fund immediately after commencement of study.



Wielkopolski Oddział Wojewódzki

Narodowego Funduszu Zdrowia

ul. Piekary 14/15
61-823 Poznań

phone: (+48 61) 850 60 00